Solid foundations

Through dialogue, we transform the desires of our customers into the most suitable solutions to ensure the safety, consistency and value over time of the properties. We listen, advise, and ponder in the best interest of our counterparties and we solve their problems.

Who we are Who we are Who we are Who we are

Since 1961, we have been providing support to our customers and partners in the design, restructuring and construction of their own ideal home. Founded by Mario Caratti and led today by his son, Giacomo, and his daughter, Giulia, our company operates from Morcote with a team of over 30 professionals, making constant investments in their training.

Working with passion and attention to detail, we offer consultancy services for the construction and transformation of buildings, implementing solutions that are safe, aesthetically beautiful and without surprises. For our customers, we are a partner that offers a constant and reassuring presence, listening to them and guiding them throughout the entire construction process, and even beyond. Regardless of the type of customer or the size of the project, we always operate with the same care and wisdom, thanks to which we are a point of reference in our sector.

Acting with wisdom, we examine all the possible options, carry out in-depth evaluations and, on the basis of the skills acquired in 60 years of experience, we make convinced and conscious choices. We listen, recommend and ponder in the best interest of our customers and we solve their problems.



Our values Our values Our values Our values

In a sector characterised by strong price competition, slow and opaque procedures, and a tendency to improvise and neglect customer needs in favour of standardisation, we stand out for our transparency, competence, dynamism and overall vision.


  • 360-degree strategy vs Mere execution

  • Proactivity vs Reactivity

  • Empathy vs Formality

  • Quality vs Price

  • Customised solutions vs Standard offering

  • History vs Improvisation


Why Caratti Why Caratti Why Caratti Why Caratti

Ongoing support

We support our customers by taking care of all aspects, from design to turnkey handover, not limiting ourselves to merely satisfying their requests, but also transforming and improving them to create solid, coherent and feasible projects, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

A team of highly qualified professionals

We can count on a team of highly specialised engineers, architects, masons and carpenters, making continuous investments in their training. We also work together with the best craftsmen and architects in our area, and beyond to achieve the best interpretation of trends in living.

A reassuring history

Over time we have built up a solid and tangible store of knowledge, creating every project with care, passion and quality, from restructuring to construction from scratch, pondering every choice to satisfy our customers.


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Services Services Services Services

As a full-service construction company, we can handle directly all the phases of the project: from planning to turnkey handover, including technical consultancy. Thanks to our skills and working relationships with the best professionals, we are a single point of reference for our counterparties and we respond to every need.