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Sustainable construction

The construction industry has a significant ecological footprint. The materials and energy used cause a significant amount of CO2 emissions, and construction involves soil use. Building activity cannot be stopped, but it is possible to build consciously and responsibly.

Responsible supply chain Responsible supply chain Responsible supply chain Responsible supply chain

For more than 60 years, our business has been rooted in the Morcote area, where we have developed a production chain that is in full respect of the environment.

We have long recognised the urgent need to take measures to protect the environment. This awareness started with our own buildings, and then extended to constructions for our customers.


Our commitment Our commitment Our commitment Our commitment

Already in 2015, we installed a photovoltaic solar panel system on the roof of our warehouse in Pazzallo. In 2020 at our Morcote headoffice we integrated a water-to-water heat pump, consequently renewable energy, both for heating and cooling, which has significantly reduced emissions.

We distinguish ourselves from companies that build without regard to energy efficiency and sustainable building principles. Each of our buildings is constructed in flawlessly, ensuring a long lifetime and thus a lower environmental impact. Furthermore, as consulting partner, we constantly advise our customers to optimise their homes from a sustainability point of view, by implementing thermal isolation and renewable energy solutions.

We work mainly with Swiss companies, supporting the local economy. We actively contribute to supporting small local entities through initiatives, sponsorships and by providing apprenticeship opportunities in the construction industry to educate young professionals.

"Recognising the limitations of our industry in terms of environmental impact is a must. Actively participating in environmental protection with targeted actions is a sign of responsibility and commitment to a sustainable future."

– Giacomo and Giulia Caratti


The Caratti Forest The Caratti Forest The Caratti Forest The Caratti Forest

Although we focus on sustainability, we are aware of the environmental impact of our industry, and thus of our operations.

We do not stand idly by: we try to make our contribution to compensate our company's CO2 emissions. To do this, we have planted 1,000 trees worldwide as a part of «The Greenest Forest», reducing 30 tonnes of CO2 per year and supporting local farmers, ensuring over time their food sovereignty and income opportunities.




Services Services Services Services

Putting into practice the knowledge acquired in 60 years of history, we operate as a full-service construction company. We can thus handle directly all phases of the project, from design to turnkey handover and post-sales technical consultancy.

Thanks to the competence of our people and a dense network of working relationships with the most authoritative professionals in our territory, and beyond, we are a single point of reference for our counterparties responding to all their needs.