A reference point

Thanks to the competence of our people and to a dense network of working relationships with the most authoritative professionals and artisans in our territory, we are a single point of reference for our counterparties and we respond to all their needs.

Services Services Services Services

We aim to be much more than just a construction company. For our customers, we are a partner that handles all aspects related to the restructuring or construction of their property. We operate as a full-service company, dealing directly with every phase of the project, from design to turnkey handover, including post-sales technical consultancy.

Thanks to the competence of our people and a dense network of working relationships with the most authoritative professionals, we are a single point of reference for our counterparties and we respond to all their needs, listening to their requests and guiding them towards the most rational and forward-looking choices.

Depending on the type of project, we can offer our full range of services or intervene at any point of project implementation, even if only for consultancy, construction supervision or works as master builder. Regardless of the size of the project, customers are in direct contact with the company head: a guarantee of care and professionalism.


Finally, for over 50 years, we have been a member of the SSIC (Swiss Society of Construction Companies), while our technicians are members of the SIA (Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects) and the OTIA (Order of Engineers and Architects of the Canton of Ticino).


Design and implementation

Our architects and engineers are able to design any type of project, from restructuring to renovation, and from extensions to the construction of new buildings. After defining the project and completing all the official paperwork, we carry out the masonry works, directly involving the best craftsmen and coordinating them while the work is being carried out.

Works as general contractor

For the most authoritative architects of our territory and beyond, we are a partner that has the capability to implement their projects with care and passion, handling directly the supervision of the works and the coordination of the craftsmen, or even working under the supervision of an external project manager.


Works as master builder and plasterer

Even if only for "just the last mile", we are ready to work with external architects and designers carrying out the masonry, concrete and plaster works only.

Technical consultancy

Regardless of whether we are called upon to solve problems, such as infiltrations and collapses, to estimate costs for restructuring and reconstruction, or to provide consultancy on insurance, construction supervision, purchase of a property or the residual building potential for extensions, we are ready to support the customer with an authoritative and convinced opinion.

Management of private properties

Thanks to a strong relationship of trust with our customers, we see ourselves as partners in the management of their properties, in particular regarding technical, legal and insurance consultancy services, external supervision of works for holiday homes and preparation of construction licence applications.



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For 60 years, we have been providing support to our customers and partners in the design, restructuring and construction of their own ideal home. Working with passion and attention to detail, we offer consultancy services in the construction and transformation of buildings, implementing solutions that are safe, aesthetically beautiful and without surprises. For our customers, we are a partner. With a constant and reassuring presence, we listen to them and guide them throughout the entire construction process, and even beyond.