Building since 1961 with
passion, precision, care.

About us

Technical Office

Mario Caratti Civil Engineer STS
Giacomo Caratti Civil Engineer ETHZ, Building Contractor dipl.
Michele Piceni dr. Architect PoliMi
Andrea Ortelli Architect PoliMi
Paolo Casartelli Engineer PoliMi


Giulia Caratti Business Economic ZHF, Real Estate SDA Bocconi
Donato Botti Accountant
Mariella Vanossi Secretary

Building Sites

The company employs around thirty masons, labourers, drivers, crane operators and plasterers. It is also deeply committed and happy to invest in the training of young skilled labourers, making use of its Proficiency Certificate to train apprentices.

Organizational Procedures

Within the building process, the construction company is able to carry out a variety of works that determine its responsibilities, functions and interface with customers and artisans.

For the execution of works by master mason, the client contacts Mr. Mario Caratti with his own architect and engineer, as well as with his own construction manager.

Occasionally, however, the client contacts the contractor not only for the execution of a work, but also for its conception. For these works, Mr. Dr. Mario Caratti makes use of a qualified architect always present in the company team. At other times, however, upon the client's request, these tasks can be carried out by external professionals.

As for specific works such as digging, facades, grouting, plastering and roofing, Caratti Costruzioni relies on local companies with proven capability. For the supply of goods and specific services, the company interfaces with skilled and qualified local artisans, with whom it has established a fiduciary relationship over the years.

We are regularly enrolled in the register of companies as imposed by LEPICOSC for the execution of works as a builder.

We are regularly enrolled in the register of building artisans as imposed by the LIA for the execution of works as a plasterer.